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All training, quick topics and FAQs previously accessed through will now be available at

This exciting enhancement will improve the support experience by allowing all Unanet GovCon customers to have immediate access to this knowledge while entering support tickets. 

To assist you with this transition, please see the FAQs below.

 How do I obtain a login to the Support Portal?

To obtain a login to the Unanet support portal or to create a new ticket, send an email to with the subject "Support Portal ID request".

The following conditions must be met to be granted a support account:

  • The "from" address must match the domain of your company.
  • It must NOT be a generic email account (e.g., it cannot be from,, or
  • The company must have an active support agreement with Unanet.
 How do I create an account in the Learning Management System?
 What type of learning content does Unanet provide?

Unanet provides several different ways to access our learning content. Unanet University provides short videos, self-paced eLearning modules, and instructor-led courses via our Learning Management System (LMS). We provide FAQs, job aids, and process documents in the Knowledge Center (KC). For more technical details, visit the Unanet Help docs which can be accessed from the upper right corner of your Unanet instance (My Account > Help).

 What is free versus paid?

Currently, all content in the Knowledge Center (KC) and the Unanet Help docs is available at no cost. The Learning Management System (LMS) contains a combination of free and paid content. 

 How do I know which courses I should take?

The courses in the Learning Management System (LMS) can be filtered by role such as Accountant, Project Manager, Resource Manager, and Administrator. You can also click on the role listed below.

 How will Unanet provide ongoing training to support my growing and changing team of people?

Unanet University (UU) provides learning content throughout the implementation process as well as post-implementation. During implementation, the customer implementation team is enrolled in an appropriate learning path for their type of organization. This path includes eLearning courses and KC topics to support the implementation milestones. Additionally, ask your CSM about training opportunities offered through our All Access Learning Pass (subscription-based option).

 How can I train new staff on Unanet? 

Post-implementation Unanet University offers a variety of educational opportunities through a combination of the Knowledge Center and the Learning Management System. Content includes webinars, self-paced eLearning modules, and instructor-led courses. We also offer in-depth training at our annual Champions Conference. The instructor-led course schedule is posted on our website. If in doubt about which courses to take, reach out to virtualuu and ask our Operations Specialist for advice. We are here to help you with your Unanet journey.

 How is Unanet responding to COVID-19?

In uncertain times like these, Unanet is taking the following actions.

  • 24x7 On-Call Support Hours - Unanet has always had the ability to support our customers remotely. If you find you need help anytime, day or night, with a critical or emergency issue, please go to our Support Portal at and open a Severity 1 ticket.
  • Virtual UU Classes are 25% off - Use the code GOVIRTUAL25 to receive a 25% discount on all Unanet University course registrations.
  • Community Forums - View the forums here or visit to join the forums.

Recently Updated

Release Date: 09/15/2020

This release contains the following corrections:

  • Corrected error message display issue on attachment page for posted vendor invoices. U20-3130
  • Corrected issue with suppress zero hours option on Timesheet status report. U20-3666

Release Date: 09/11/2020

This release contains the following corrections:

  • Corrected issue with comments label on timesheet page. U20-3653

Release Date: 09/01/2020

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced Time Unextract import to include timesheet items. U20-1204

This release contains the following corrections:

  • Corrected error message for labor lines on Purchase Order Mod import. U20-2390
  • Corrected issue with Purchase Requisition stored procedure error page not authorized for Purchase Requestor role. U20-3380
  • Corrected issue with displaying data on Time Quick Details report. U20-1838
  • Corrected issue with displaying comments on Time Details and Time Status reports. U20-3234
  • Corrected issue with task revenue allocation on Project Revenue & Funding Summary Report. U20-1641
  • Corrected issue with column header wrapping on Project Control Panel report. U20-1123

Release Date: 08/25/2020

This release contains the following corrections:

  • Corrected an issue with the Historical Data Load when generating Cost Plus invoice. U20-3472

Release Date: 08/20/2020

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Improved the display alignment in check formats. U20-201
  • Enhanced Purchase Request and Purchase Order email notifications and PO email message by adding vendor template variables. U20-3285
  • Enhanced Project Assignment List with ability to download the list to a CSV file. U20-1957

This release contains the following corrections:

  • Corrected PO unmatched filter for time sheet entry on Time Details report. U20-1959
  • Corrected sorting issue on the print view of Project Listing page. U20-2333

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