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Release Date: 05/10/2019

This release contains the following defect corrections:

  • Ability to edit attachments on posted/approved financial documents.
    (only adminstrators can delete attachments saved on a posted document)

  • Corrected issue on Trending Income statement report where parent accounts
    were not displayed when sum roll up is zero. UNA-4616
    (also added in 10.3.45)

  • Update Project View page to be consistent with the existing project profile.

  • Addressed a security issue related to a possible XSS exploit. UNA-4656
    (also added in 10.2.49, 10.3.45)

  • Enhanced people signature page to display warning if user attempt
    to navigate away from the page without saving changes. UNA-4617

  • Added support for Tomcat 9. UNA-4653

  • Corrected UI issue on the Project Grid Planning page. UNA-4665

  • Corrected an error in running the People Performance Summary Report as
    a Saved/Shared Report. UNA-4619

  • Enhanced Project Ad-hoc reports to allow access to the customer profile UDF(s).

  • Corrected alignment of approvers on Approval Group Details Report. UNA-4676

  • Corrected UI issue on Active PR List in Financial dashboard. UNA-4669