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Release Date: 06/07/2019

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Ability to edit attachments on Completed/Locked/Extracted Expense Reports. (only attachments of INUSE expense report can be deleted). UNA-4476

  • Display Purchase Order lines in ascending line number in the generated PO form document. UNA-4711

  • Added a property to allow Project Leads access Plan Sets. UNA-3153

This release contains the following defect corrections:

  • Corrected Approvals display rights on Home Page and People Dashboard.UNA-4545
  • Cleaned up labels on Labor Cost Post and Expense Report Cost Post searchcriteria page. UNA-4751
  • Removed warning from log file when generating PO form document. UNA-4734
  • Corrected Rounding issue on amount column on Time details report UNA-4735
  • Corrected an issue with the inclusion method used for a base JavaScript file.UNA-4752 (also added in 10.2.53, 10.3.49)