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Release Date: 06/14/2019

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • When printing PO, the printable view of the PO will now open in a new tab. UNA-4710

  • Added Down ALL arrow on PR/PO Approved table within PR/PO details page. UNA-4436

This release contains the following defect corrections:

  • Corrected "Include unmatched PO transactions only" check-box behavior on person time /user time detail report. UNA-4661
  • Corrected UI alignment issue on project time detail report. UNA-4747
  • Corrected issue with PO Format detail links being enabled before a Purchase Order is created. UNA-4740
  • Corrected Financial posted date column in query for Project and People Time Details report. UNA-4780
  • Corrected issue with Billing and Revenue Post when recalculating a cost plus project. UNA-4794
  • Corrected Exempt status /rate classification on person import on update. UNA-4774
  • Corrected search tab search filter alignment on Firefox on all search pages. UNA-4726
  • Removed duplicate entries. UNA-4713 (also added in 10.2.54, 10.3.50)
  • Corrected size of sorting down arrow. UNA-4741