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Release Date: 06/21/2019

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Improvements to check against consolidated PR/PO documents for certain use cases. UNA-4719
  • Improvements to backend logic to display hours actuals and hours variance on the project task search list page. UNA-4758
  • Reduced sensitivity of movement on the main menu. UNA-4775

This release contains the following defect corrections:

  • Corrected the search icon for parent organization when adding organization for AP/AR Admin roles. UNA-4805
  • Corrected budget amounts missing issue for ODC Detail Report. UNA-4797
  • Corrected display of contract number and order number on customer invoice in landscape mode. UNA-4800, UNA-4801
  • Corrected Timesheet and Expense Mappings to validate against consolidated PO document. UNA-4637
  • Checks on ProjectManager save to ensure PM assignee has PM role. UNA-4684
  • Corrected number format of accrual remaining hours on the adjust accrual page. UNA-4795 (also added in 10.2.55, 10.3.51)
  • Corrected session directives for resource requesting JSP pages. UNA-4744 (also added in 10.2.55, 10.3.51)
  • Added missing page directives and mappings for JSP pages. UNA-4753