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Release Date: 10/11/2019 

This release contains the following defect correction:

  • Corrected PR sorting issue for PR list. UNA-4985

  • Corrected UI issue on Firefox for the organization access search result pane. UNA-5002 (also added to 11.0.33)

  • Corrected issue where summary-level PO Assignments could not be created when a PO had lines. UNA-4852 (also added to 11.0.33)

  • Corrected issue on Per Diem Rates admin setup page where user received an invalid error message popup when updating a record. UNA-5047 (also added to 11.0.33)

  • Corrected purchase order item line detail error message. UNA-5225 (also added to 11.0.33)

  • Prevented purchase order mod details from being edited after the purchase order assignment is deleted or any timesheet/expense is tied to the original purchase order. UNA-4778 (also added to 11.0.33)
  • Changed "export to csv" functionality to use updated API on people and project time details reports. UNA-4911, UNA-4912, UNA-5561 (also added to 11.0.33)

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Added Validation Stored Procedure (VSP) or Business Requirements Enforcement (BRE) ability to Purchasing Documents (PO and PR). UNA-4258, UNA-4994, UNA-4858 (also added to 11.0.33)

  • Enhanced PO Validations to add warning when PO Dates are not within the Project Dates. UNA-4469 (also added to 11.0.33)

  • Added warning when Vendor is different on the Vendor Invoice and Matched Transactions compared to the person profile. UNA-4221 (also added to 11.0.33)