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Release Date: 10/18/2019 

This release contains the following defect correction:

  • Corrected PR sorting issue for PR list. UNA-4985

  • Corrected missing lines/borders in tables on Project Alerts page. UNA-4951 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected Timesheet Status Report to show approver names by last Name followed by first name. UNA-4850 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected an issue in Earned Value Report and chart that did not include Expense Reports that went run through cost posting
    when "Using Posted Date within range" option is selected. UNA-4756 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected Oracle migration scripts. UNA-5849
  • Corrected alignment issue on Expense Types page. UNA-4831 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected project sub-total to group by unique combination of project org code and project code in GL Detail and GL Summary Reports. UNA-4916 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected errors on Project PO Approval View page. UNA-5822 (also added to 11.0.34) 
  • Corrected minor UI layout issue on Resource Requests page. UNA-4819 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected an issue in the financial documents that prevented the user from selecting a blank Legal Entity. UNA-5204 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Restored comments to the Project Time Details CSV download. UNA-5909 (also added to 11.0.34) 
  • Restored the person column to the Project Expense Details CSV download. UNA-5907 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected grid border on Organization vendor list page. UNA-4935 (also added to 11.0.34)
  • Corrected Attachment widget border issue. UNA-5005 (also added to 11.0.34)

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Added two new columns document number and comments to Expense click through report on Create VI from matched transaction list page. UNA-4957