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Release Date: 11/01/2019 

This release contains the following defect correction:

  • Corrected the error for importing of Item - Project. UNA-6139
  • Corrected script error when executing GL Summary Trial Balance report. UNA-6111
  • Corrected inconsistent PO column header alignment in Project Expense Details report. UNA-4883
  • Limited access to billable amounts on Project/People detail expense reports' CSV download to those users with proper permissions. UNA-5740
  •  Corrected Javascript errors in Mobile timesheet page. UNA-5910 (also added to 10.3.59)
  •  Corrected capitalization errors on Vendor Invoice. UNA-5207
  • Corrected issue with installation script. UNA-6126
  • Corrected errors that were occurring on Mobile Timesheet save with toggle Project details turned on. UNA-5938 (also added to 10.3.59)
  • Excluded Advance and Cash - Return expense types from ODC value in the Project Margin Report. UNA-5572 (also added to 10.3.59)
  • Corrected exception occurring when opening the Purchase Order page. UNA-4950
  • Corrected issue on the Create Vendor Invoice page, where the Purchase Order number doesn't get cleared when changing Vendor. UNA-5246
  • Corrected issue on the Create Vendor Invoice page, where error occurs when searching on the AP Org field and no Legal Entity was entered. UNA-5016

This release contains the following enhancement:

  • Changed the timesheet auto-complete fields to return 250 max results instead of 50 results. UNA-5573