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Release Date: 07/07/2020

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced restricted imports and exports with the ability to export PO Expense Assignments and import Expense Reports. U20-2250
  • Enhanced Project Assignment page with an option to choose between a standard and customizable table view. U20-2191

This release contains the following corrections:

  • Corrected issue with displaying submitters on Approval Group Detail Report. U20-1867
  • Corrected issue with display of approval groups without submitters on Approval Group Detail Report. U20-2707
  • Corrected display issue with totals row on Project Assignment page. U20-2536
  • Corrected issue in Project Assignment page where the previously edited assignment row is not highlighted. U20-2632
  • Corrected display issue with negative hours on User Time Details report. U20-2259
  • Corrected issue with billable amount displayed on Project Actuals Summary Report. U20-2807
  • Corrected display issue with invoice amount and balance on Customer Payment List screen. U20-2470