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Release Date: 07/21/2020

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Added page numbers to bottom of Timesheet and Expense Preview PDFs from Invoice page. U20-2525
  • Enhanced time export to exclude item quantity from hours column. U20-1823
  • Enhanced Customer Invoice view to display currency code or symbol on the header. U20-2442,U20-2443,U20-2444
  • Enhanced Project Control Panel Report to include Vendor Invoice labor and items data. U20-1467
  • Improved Expense Report to hide copy to Expense Request button when Expense Request functionality is disabled. U20-2956
  • Enhanced Accounts Receivable Export to include Vendor Invoice labor data. U20-2912

This release contains the following corrections:

  • Corrected issue with tooltip display on Invoice pages. U20-2090
  • Corrected display issue in Timesheet Status Preview PDF from Invoice page. U20-2711
  • Corrected Historical Data Load warning messages to display line number. U20-3003
  • Corrected the Customer Invoice Expense write off issue. U20-3075