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This document covers the steps to run the AP Aging report. The Accounts Payable Aging report will display outstanding Vendor Invoices by days past due and can be run by AP Account, AP Vendor, and/or Organization.  

Quick Steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Dashboard.
  2. Under Financial > Accounts Payable, select the Accounts Payable Aging report.

  3. Report criteria
    1. SAVED REPORT: Select a saved version of the report if one exists.
    2. LEGAL ENTITY: Select the Legal Entity for which you would like to run the report (required).
      1. The report can only be run for a single Legal Entity.
      2. If only one Legal Entity exists, it will be the default.
    3. ACCOUNT: If you have multiple AP accounts, you can choose which one you would like to age.
      1. This is the AP Account on the Vendor Invoice and the Unapplied Payment account for any unapplied vendor payments
    4. ORGANIZATION: The report can be run for one, many, or all (default) Organizations.
      1. This is the AP Organization on the Vendor Invoice and the Unapplied Payment organization for any unapplied vendor payments.
    5. VENDOR: The report can be run for one, many, or all (default) vendors.
    6. FISCAL PERIOD: Select the Fiscal Period in which you would like to view data.
      1. Select if you want an aging that will tie back to your balance sheet as of a particular fiscal period.
      2. If not specified, the aging will include all posted documents.
    7. AGING DATE: The date used to age the Vendor Invoices.
    8. AGE BY DATE: Select the date to age the Vendor Invoices.
    9. ARRANGE REPORT BY: Determines the grouping of the report.
      1. The report can be run to group outstanding Vendor Invoices by AP Account, AP Vendor, and AP Organization.
    10. REPORTING OPTIONS: Shows the total outstanding balance by Vendor; invoice detail will not be displayed.
    11. DISPLAY COMPANY LOGO: Displays the company logo at the top of the report, if a Report logo has been uploaded.

  4. The column headings on the report are fixed.
    1. Detail report

    2. Summary report


Available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile: AP Viewer (Organization Access).

Additional Information

Help Docs - AP Aging Report

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