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This document covers the process to pay multiple vendor invoices in a single workflow.

Quick Steps

  1. Navigate to Financials > Accounts Payable > Bulk Vendor Payment Creation.
  2. Enter the legal entity (if no default) under which you want to create the Vendor Payments.
  3. (Optional) Enter any other parameters of the desired invoice(s) on the Search tab.
    1. If no search criteria are entered, all open vendor invoices with a due date or discount date less than or equal to the current date that are not on payment hold along with any unapplied vendor payments related to vendors associated with those vendor invoices will be returned.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Search criteria to the VENDOR PAYMENT CREATION ATTRIBUTES section:

    1. BANK ACCOUNT: Choose the bank account to use for the cash disbursement.
    2. PAYMENT DATE: The date on which checks will be printed.
    3. POST DATE: The date the transaction will post in the GL.
    4. FISCAL PERIOD: Defaults to the fiscal period containing the post date entered.
    5. PAYMENT METHOD: Choose the appropriate available payment method.
      1. More information on payment methods can be found here: Payment Methods.
    6. DESCRIPTION: Prints in the memo field on the check.
      1. Create zero balance payments: Used when you have offsetting (negative) vouchers to be processed. For more information please see the Bulk Vendor Payment Creation entry in our help documentation Bulk Vendor Payment Creation.
      2. Submit payments after creation: This option can be used for payment methods other than system checks. It shortens the process by both saving and submitting the payment documents created by the process.
  5. Click the List tab.
  6. Review the list of Vendor Invoices that meet the search criteria and select all that you wish to pay in this bulk payment and select Create Payments.
  7. Review the process results for any errors or warnings.  Click List to see the list of payment documents you have just created.

  8. If the payments created are not system checks, review the payments created and post them.
  9. If you are printing system checks, Click on the Search tab and scroll to the bottom to the CHECK PRINTING OPTIONS section.
    1. PRINT CHECKS: Select the check box.
    2. BANK ACCOUNT: Choose the bank account to be used to pay documents (this should be the same as the bank account selected in the VENDOR PAYMENT CREATION ATTRIBUTES section.
    3. CHECK DATE: Automatically populates with current date, but MUST be changed if the payment date specified in the VENDOR PAYMENT CREATION ATTRIBUTES section is different.
    4. FIRST CHECK NUMBER: Automatically populates with next check in the series as calculated from the last posted check.

  10. Click the List tab to see the list of items. You may select all or a subset of the items and click on Generate Checks. 
  11. Click the link to download the PDF file that contains generated checks to bring up the PDF document containing the checks. 
    1. Review the checks.
    2. Click Print File in the PDF reader. BE SURE TO SELECT "Actual Size" IN THE PAGE SIZING & HANDLING screen and print the file to the printer containing the check stock.
    3. Save the PDF if that is part of your process.
    4. Review the checks to make sure they printed correctly.
  12. Repeat Step 11 for the check continuation report (plain paper report) if generated.
  13. Click Process Printed Checks.
  14. Based on the results of step 11d, select the correct processing option and click Complete Check Generation.
    1. Checks are Posted to the General Ledger and updated with a Posted status.


When using the system check payment method, the act of completing the check posts the payment to the general ledger. Clicking "Process Printed Checks" posts the payment to the General Ledger (Debit to AP; Credit to Cash).

Additional Information

Help Docs - Bulk Vendor Payment Creation

Help Docs - Check Print History

KC - Quick Topic - Steps for Processing Payments via ACH

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