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This document covers the steps to create a Vendor Invoice from a Unanet expense report.


  1. Navigate to the Financials dashboard.

  2. Hover over the Accounts Payable menu item and select Create Vendor Invoice from Expense Report.

  3. Use the search criteria on the next screen to search for the appropriate expense report(s).

  4. Specify the Transaction Attributes that determine the values used when creating the vendor invoice.

  5. Click on the List tab and select the expense report(s) from which to create Vendor Invoices.

  6. Click Create Vendor Invoices.

  7. The Vendor Invoices will be created in the SUBMITTED status.

Troubleshooting Tips

This feature is available to users with the following Financials role on their person profile: AP Admin.

The Vendor Organization created for the employee needs to be linked to the Person Profile on the Person > Expense tab to successfully create a vendor invoice from an expense report.

Only expense reports with payment methods that are identified as reimbursable can be converted to Vendor Invoices.

Vendor Invoices can be created from expense reports in only the LOCKED or EXTRACTED statuses.

Additional Items

Help Docs - Accounts Payable - Create Vendor Invoices From Expense Reports

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