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This document covers the process used to manually create a vendor payment document. The check printing process in Unanet is a two-step process. First, vendor payment(s) are created. Second, the check(s) are printed. This guide will walk you through the manual approach to Step 1 (vendor payment creation). Step 2 can be found here: AP Admin Guide - Print Checks. The Vendor Payment invoice detailed here walks through the process of manually creating a single Vendor Payment. To pay multiple Vendor Invoices, please see: AP Admin Guide - Bulk Vendor Payment Creation

Quick Steps

  1. Navigate to the Financials > Accounts Payable > Vendor Payments.
  2. Click +Vendor Payment to create a new vendor payment.
  3. Enter information into the fields as follows:

    1. Legal Entity: If there is only a single legal entity, this field will be populated automatically. Otherwise, select the appropriate entry.
    2. Bank Account: The account from which the invoice will be paid.
    3. Vendor: Name of the vendor.
    4. Payment Amount: Amount of the payment.
    5. Description: What the payment covers.
    6. Document Date: The date of the payment.
    7. Post Date: The period into which the payment will post for reporting purposes.
    8. Fiscal Period: The period in which the post date falls.
    9. Payment Method: Payment methods made available for vendor payments (via Payment Method setup) will appear in this menu.
    10. Check/Reference #:  Check/Reference # as appropriate.
    11. Payee: Enter a value to override the default Payee as established on the Vendor Profile.

  4. Click Save. From the left menu select Paid Documents.
  5. Associate the Paid Documents.  Select a Vendor Invoice and Save, Submit, or Post as per your organization's procedures and your role.

Functionality Notes

  • The vendor payment can be posted without fully applying the document to existing vendor invoices. In that case, the user can come back and apply the unapplied payment amount using the Apply previously unapplied balance from the vendor payment button.
  • The vendor payment can also be directly charged to the appropriate account/org/etc,. via the details grid.


Available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile:

The AP Poster can create submit and post Vendor Payments.

The AP User can create, save and submit Vendor Payments.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Vendor Payments (for a manual vendor payment)

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