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This document discusses how to print system checks from Unanet and review the Check Print History.

Quick Steps 

  1. Prepare to print system checks by ensuring that you have loaded your check stock in the selected printer.
    1. Note: Unanet currently supports the DLT104 check format, which is a common format used by many accounting systems. Each sheet contains the check (with pre-printed check number and other company specific address and bank account information), along with two stub sections. The stub sections are identical and can support the printing of 14 lines of detail (i.e. the invoice paid by the check). If more than 14 lines of detail are associated with the check, the additional lines will be included in the continuation report. The totals included in the stub sections reflect the total of all detail lines, not just those that appear on the stub. These checks are intended to be used with a 91663 windowed envelope.

  2. Navigate to Financials > Accounts Payable > Vendor Payments.

  3. After choosing selection criteria, scroll to the bottom of the search page to review Check Printing Options.

    1. Print Checks: Select.
    2. Bank Account: Choose Bank Account from which to pay documents.
    3. Check Date: Will automatically populate with today's date, but can be changed. Note that this must match the document date specified in the previously created vendor payment documents for those documents to be included in the check print run.
    4. First Check Number: Will automatically populate with next check in the series as calculated from the last posted check. Can be changed if necessary.

  4. Click on List to see the list of items. You may select all or a subset of the items and click on Generate Checks. 

  5. This screen will be displayed:

  6. Click on the "Click to download the PDF file that contains generated checks" link to bring up the PDF document containing the checks. 
    1. Review the checks.
    2. Click the Print File button in the PDF reader. Make sure to select "Actual Size" in the page Sizing and Handling screen, and print the file to the printer containing the check stock.
    3. Save the PDF (if that is part of your process).
    4. Review the checks to make sure they printed correctly.

  7. Repeat steps above for the check continuation report (plain paper report) if generated.

  8. Click on Process Printed Checks to complete the check posting process.

  9. Based on your review of the checks, select the correct processing option and click Complete Check Generation.

  10. Vendor Payments made with system checks are posted to the General Ledger. The status is updated to "Posted" when you select Process Printed Checks, mark them as having printed correctly, and select Complete Check Generation.

  11. If you have generated but NOT completed check generation and navigated away from the checks, you must go to the Check Print History listing in order to access the payment for completion. Navigate to Financials > Accounts Payable > Check Print History. You can complete the check generation process from there and view a listing of your history.


Does the person printing the check have the role of AP Poster?

    • Checks can be printed by users with the following Financials role: AP Poster.

Checks are printing a little too low

Adobe had made some updates as of January 2017 which could be the cause of why checks are printing lower than before. You may be able to resolve this by changing Printer settings in the PDF file as follows: File > Properties, 'Advanced' tab: change 'Page Scaling' preference from 'Default' to 'None'

Additional Items

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