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This document provides information regarding creating a recurring vendor invoice.

Quick Steps

  1. Follow the steps for creating a vendor invoice on this page: AP Admin Guide - Vendor Invoice Entry
  2. When entering a vendor invoice, there are two fields that define the vendor invoice as recurring:
    1. RECURRING check box: select this check box to signal that this is a recurring vendor invoice and the system will automatically generate the invoice.
    2. Occurrence: enter the total number of times the vendor invoice should be recreated. If left blank, the vendor invoice will be created until the user either deletes the last created invoice or unchecks the RECURRING check box in a created document.

Functionality Notes

The Originating Document # is automatically populated when the vendor invoice is saved and represents the first invoice in the recurring sequence (if this is the initial document, it will be the current document #).

The next recurrence of the vendor invoice is created when the current period's occurrence is posted.

The newly created vendor invoice is editable and is available to be submitted and posted.


This function is only available to users with the following roles: AP Poster, AP User.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Vendor Invoices (to create Recurring Invoices) 

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