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Title: AP Admin Guide - Unapplied Payments - Accounts Payable

This quick topic covers unapplied payments for accounts payable.

What’s covered in this document:

Accounts Payable (AP) Unapplied Payments

Unapplied Vendor Payments are a result of entering a vendor payment into Unanet that will later be associated with a vendor invoice. Typically, you will have an AP Unapplied Payments account defined in Unanet, and will use this account within the posting group for the Account category "AP Unapplied Payment Account."

With the setup above, posting the vendor payment without applying any vendor invoices to it or adding data on the Details tab would result in the following entry to the General Ledger:

Debit               AP Unapplied Payments         2,700
Credit              Cash                                        2,700

To apply the vendor invoice to this payment, open it by clicking on the icon as indicated in the screenshot below, which designates that there is a balance to be applied.

In the left menu, select Paid Documents, then select the appropriate invoice(s), and Submit and/or Post.

In this example, this posting would result in the following entry to the general ledger, which clears out the accounts payable liability that existed from entering the vendor invoice:

Debit               Accounts Payable                 2,700
Credit              AP Unapplied Payments       2,700

Additional Information

Help Docs - Vendor Payments

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