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This document outlines the steps to add a Vendor Profile to an existing Organization.

Quick Steps

  1. Navigate to Organizations > List.
    1. On the Search tab, enter the Organization Code or Name you would like to set up as a vendor.
    2. Select the List tab to view the resulting Organizations.
    3. Locate the organization to be set up as a vendor and click the edit pencil icon.
      1. ***Note: the default Remit To address under Organization Addresses is the address that prints on checks generated in Unanet. Ensure this is entered as desired for the check printing.
  2. Navigate to Vendor Profiles in the left menu.

  3. Click +Vendor Profile to add this organization as a vendor.

    1. Verify that the ACTIVE check box is selected.
    2. Select the Legal Entity for which this organization is a vendor (select the "All Legal Entities" option if the organization should be a vendor for all legal entities).
    3. Select the appropriate Payment Terms.
    4. Enter a Vendor Account Number if desired.
      1. This field can be referenced in exports from Unanet to downstream systems.
    5. Enter Payee Name(s), if different than the organization.
      1. The payee on system checks will default to the organization name unless there is data in the Payee Name(s) field.
    6. If the vendor requires each invoice to be paid on a separate check, select the checkbox for Require a separate payment for each invoice.
    7. The Other tab contains up to 20 user-defined fields that can be customized to meet your business requirements.


  • This functionality is available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile: AP Admin.
  • If the organization you want to set up as a vendor does not exist, you will need to create the organization before you can create a vendor profile for it.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Organization List (for creating Vendor Profile)

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