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This document covers the steps to run the AR Aging report. To view a summary of unpaid invoices making up the legal entity's Accounts Receivable balance, navigate to Reports > Dashboard > Financial > Accounts Receivable Aging report.

Functionality Notes

A variety of selection criteria are available in this report to allow the user to see their outstanding Accounts Receivable items in a multitude of ways. For example, this report can be run by Account (if more than one A/R account exist), Organization, Customer, Project or Project Manager. The unpaid invoices can be aged according to Document Date, Due Date, or Discount Date.  

To run a version of the report that will tie back to the general ledger and balance sheet, specify a Fiscal Period for which the AR Aging report should be run. Note that the default is to run the report so that it contains all posted Invoice and Customer Payment documents.

The report can also be run to show balances by Customer or Project with the Reporting Options selection.


This report is available to users with the following roles: Administrator, AR Viewer, Billing Manager, Billing Viewer.

Transactions that have been paid will not be included in the report.

Additional Information

Help Docs - AR Aging Report

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