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This document covers the steps to set up a Customer Profile for an existing Organization. Any Organization that your business may wish to Invoice should be given a Customer Profile. The Customer Profile contains basic information related to the Organization, including its default payment terms and of which Legal Entity(s) it is a customer.

Quick Steps

  1. Navigate to Organizations > List.
  2. On the Search tab, enter the Organization Code or Organization Name that you would like to set up as a Customer.
    1. If the Organization does not yet exist in Unanet, add a new Organization record using the +Organization link.
  3. Click List to view the resulting Organizations.
  4. Locate the Organization you would like to set up as a customer and click the edit pencil icon.

  5. Choose Customer Profiles from the left menu.
  6. Click +Customer Profile to set up a new profile.
  7. Select the LEGAL ENTITY.
  8. Select the PAYMENT TERMS.
    1. This can be overridden as needed but will be the default value populated in Invoice Setup for projects associated with this Customer (via the Project Organization field).
  9. Select the ACTIVE check box.


  • This functionality is available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile: AR Admin. 
  • The AR Admin can add new Organizations for which to create a Customer Profile.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Organization List (to create Customer)

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