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Alternate users and approvers can be designated for a particular user and a particular role.

Navigate to People > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Alternates.

Alternates may be designated by the Admin in the Person Profile, or by the user themselves through the Preferences option in the upper right corner (My Account > Preferences). The latter may be hidden with the assistance of the Unanet Support team if it is desired that only Admins (and not users) designate Alternates.

Alternates may be designated for almost any role the user has assigned. For example, a person may have an alternate Timesheet User who has the ability to create/edit/submit timesheets on their behalf, or, they may have an alternate Manager who has the ability to approve time or expense on their behalf.  

Reviews are available in the event that you desire the primary reviews the actions the alternate has performed on their behalf. Reviews do not hold up the approval process and may be performed at any time. The Timesheet Status report may be run to display any reviews that are pending (have not been reviewed by the primary).

Additional Information

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