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Business Weeks are used in Unanet to define the number of hours that an employee works in a standard week. 

Business weeks are configured in the Admin > Setup > Business Week screen. Business weeks are configured by specifying the week's name, hours worked per day and specific days worked. The total HOURS IN BUS. WEEK are automatically calculated by multiplying the days worked by Hours in Bus. Day

For example, a full-time employee typically has a standard work week of 40 hours. You may have part-time employees that work 20 or 32 hours a week. In Unanet, a Business Week is configured for each classification of full and part-time employee, and each employee is then associated with a Business Week in their person profile. Once this relationship is established, Unanet can report on an employee's utilization by comparing the hours they work against the standard hours for their business week. 


Full-Time (below, WEEK-40, Monday-Friday) or Part-Time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

For example, a part-time employee associated with a business week of 15 hours that works 15 hours for a given week is 100% utilized. Similarly, a full-time employee associated with a business week of 20 hours who works 40 hours for a given week is 200% utilized.

Note that the check marks on the weekdays serve only as a factor/multiplier against the HOURS IN BUS. DAY to result in the HOURS IN BUS. WEEK. It does not mean that a person on the WEEK-40 Business Week cannot work or charge time on Sunday just because the check mark is not present for Sunday. We do recommend reading the Additional Information topics below, especially KC - FAQ - What is Business Week used for?

Additional Information

KC - FAQ - What is Business Week used for?

KC - Quick Topic - What does the property "Use Business Week Hours For Dilution" do?

Help Docs - Business Week

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