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Unanet offers the opportunity to have unlimited cost report definitions for use in the Project Accounting reports. These reports include cost and may feature net margin, gross margin, revenue, and much more. Once the cost report definitions are created, you may choose them in the Project Accounting report criteria.

A default Cost Report is configured in your system. You may edit this cost report and/or create additional Cost Report definitions. Other features include:

  • Unlimited number of Cost Reports may be defined.
    • Different report formats may be created for different uses.
    • You can save each report with a meaningful name.
  • Government contractors and commercial clients may use the Cost Reports differently. For example, commercial clients may assign a label of "Net Margin" to a row, while government contractors may assign a label of "Fee" to that row.
  • The Cost Reports offer you the ability to differentiate between billable and non-billable project types. As an example, non-billable costs on Cost Plus contracts will show up in the cost report and have indirect costs applied, but will not be included in revenue calculation or invoicing.
  • If a cost is charged to a project without a cost element assigned to it, the cost will appear in the Cost Report if you have selected to include (labor or ODCs) as an unmapped item.
    • No indirects will be applied to unmapped items.
  • Additional revenue tags may be added to accommodate funding cap adjustments, fee cap adjustments, and write-offs/ups.
  • Billable Values: Either (bill rate * hours) or (expense cost + markup); can be viewed as target revenue. (For example, on Fixed Price projects you could compare hours * bill rate with actual FP revenue.)

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Accounting > Cost Reports.

Once you've created the cost report definitions, you can then choose the desired cost report definition in Project Accounting report criteria such as the Cost Summary and Status report below:

Navigate to Project > Dashboard > Shared Reports (Cost Summary & Status), OR, Reports > Dashboard > Periodic Reports.
Use the ←Back to Criteria link to get back to the Criteria page for these reports.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Cost Reports

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