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As discussed under Project Organizations, a Unanet Project Organization represents the customer for direct or billable projects. A Unanet Customer Profile for a Project Organization is associated with individual Unanet Legal Entities or with all Unanet Legal Entities.  

After an Organization is created, it can be designated in the Customer Profiles menu option as a customer of "All Legal Entities" or as a customer of selected legal entities (see screenshots below). Recall that a legal entity is an organization within Unanet under which a separate set of books is maintained. For projects where the GENERATE UNANET INVOICE box is checked (Billing > Invoice Setup > Setup tab), the Project Organization must be
 a Customer of the Legal Entity of that project's Project Owning Organization. An organization can be specified as a customer for one, many, or all Legal Entities.  

User-defined fields are also available on the customer profile.

If importing Customer Profiles: If this is a customer for ALL legal entities, you may leave the legal_entity_code value in the import template BLANK, in which case it will default to All legal entities. If this is a customer for a specific legal entity, then populate that legal entity in the import file.

Note that an internal organization can also be set up as a Customer.

Best Practices: 
Determine in which legal entities the organization should show up as a customer.

Multiple customer profiles may need to be created if the customer is associated with a subset of legal entities, if there are variances in payment terms, or if there are any Customer Profile user-defined fields specific to a legal entity.

Navigate to Organizations > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Customer Profiles > +Customer Profile.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Customer Profile

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