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E-mail Reminders may be scheduled to remind users to perform the necessary actions surrounding time and expense.

Reminders are different from Notifications in that Reminders are scheduled while Notifications are not scheduled (Notifications instead are action-triggered).

Reminders will only go out to people who have yet to do what was required to be done by a certain time. For example, if timesheets should have been submitted by September 15, and today is September 17, then you can have a reminder automatically send an e-mail to people who have yet to submit their September 15 timesheet.

Reminders must be scheduled in Admin > Reminders. Once scheduled, they may be viewed at any time under Admin > Schedule (image below).

On Admin > Reminders > Reminders tab, you can select a reminder type, and set up to whom and when it will be sent.

Some options for Minimum hours include using the Business Week hours, or using 0.1 which simply ensures that the person has put some value in the timesheet for a given day but not necessarily 8.

On Admin > Setup > Miscellaneous > E-mail Reminders, you can view a list of e-mail reminders and edit the subject or body of the e-mail that goes out.

Note that all are enabled by default, and enabled simply means that they are available to be scheduled. Reminders must be scheduled (as mentioned above) in order to go out.

Best Practices:

  • Populate the body of the notifications with your Unanet URL.
  • Set the reminder to go out every day related to timesheets for prior periods (only people who are late on populating, submitting, or approving timesheets will get the reminder).

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