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Employee Types are used in Unanet to categorize employees into groups for the purpose of granting access to pay codes and expense types.

Within each group, Unanet supports a means of restricting both pay codes and expense types at the group level. Refer to the following links for more information on pay codes and expense types

For example, you might set up an Employee Type of Salary for salaried, exempt employees, and restrict the available pay codes to regular time, PTO, sick leave, and holiday. These Salary employees will be able to charge to regular, PTO, sick, and holiday, but not to any overtime pay codes. This restriction is possible by creating an Employee Type of Salary, restricting the pay codes within this Employee Type to regularleave, PTO, and holiday, (but not allowing that Employee Type access to the overtime pay codes), and then associating a salaried employee to this Employee Type.

Just as Employee Types can be used to restrict Pay Codes, they can also be used to restrict Expense Types.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > People > Employee Types.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > People > Employee Types > List > Salaried Employees > Pay Codes.

Best Practices:
Use Employee Type to restrict certain groups of employees' access to the Overtime pay code.

Additional Information

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