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Introduction: Expense Vendors are an optional setup in Unanet related to expense entry.  

Description: If you have Expense Vendors that you regularly use related to travel or materials, for example, you may set these up in Admin > Setup > Expense Vendors. Then, you can associate Expense Vendors with certain Expense Types in Admin > Setup > Expense Types. After doing so, the expense user will be able to select an Expense Vendor from a drop down list when inserting details into an expense report. If the value does not exist in the Expense Vendor drop down menu, the user can type the desired value into the Vendor Name field. Expense Vendors should not be confused with Organizational Vendor Profiles, which are typically how you pay and are invoiced by your vendors.  

Navigate: Admin > Setup > Expense Vendors. 

Navigate: Admin > Setup > Expense Types > Edit Pencil Icon > Vendor. 

Navigate: People > My People > Edit Money Icon > Edit Pencil Icon. 

Additional Information:

Help Docs - Expense Vendors Setup

KC - Vendor Profiles

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