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What needs to be considered when migrating from an older version of Unanet?


Migration Considerations  

Note: The migration from v9.6 to v10.0 includes running multiple SQL scripts and potentially a cost plus data conversion should you have cost plus data in your system.   

Migration Dry Run 

Unanet encourages self-hosted customers to perform mock migrations in a test environment to identify and address potential issues prior to migrating your production system. The Unanet license allows for additional Unanet sites for the purpose of testing. This does not apply to On Demand Subscription customers.  

IMU/Command Line Import/Export Notice 

If you are running the command line import.jar, export.jar, or ImportDiff utilities (which are often called from within the IMU), be sure to copy the current versions of these files. These utilities can be found in the "utilities" directory and are also available on our Support download site.  

Database Schema Changes

If your site uses any custom stored procedures or other external customized programs (e.g., for reporting or integration), you should review and test your custom logic to make sure it will function with this new version. You may want to review the database migration scripts to gain a complete understanding of any new, removed, or renamed fields or tables. These scripts are located in your \unanet\database directory (under oracle or sql server).

Additional Information

Help Docs - Migration Checklist

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