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The client is responsible for ensuring that the following items are complete and in place before GCSConnect can be installed and configured.

Connectivity Requirements

Unanet frequently uses an outside consulting group with extensive expertise using Deltek to configure GCSConnect, and NDAs are in place between our companies.  In order to effectively configure a GCS integration, the Unanet and/or other consultant must have remote access to the client system.  Remote login information for consultants is required.

Hardware Requirements

Although there are no specific hardware requirements, it is recommended that MS Access and the IMU be installed on a server rather than a workstation, so that the scheduled task is running on a machine that will not be turned off. 

Software Requirements

  • MS Access must be obtained and loaded on the machine that will be used to configure the interface.  If MS Access is not already owned by the client company, it must be purchased at the client's expense.

  • JAVA (JDK) must be installed on the machine that will host the interface.  JDK is required for the IMU to run, and is available as a free download form Oracle's website.

  • Impromptu must be loaded and working on the machine that will be used to configure the interface.  Impromptu is frequently sold with Deltek GCS, but if the client does not have it, they must obtain it at their own expense.  Client must ensure that Impromptu can be opened from the machine that will host the interface, and confirm the ability to query the GCS data before beginning the GCSConnect implementation.  For guidance in completing this, please see:

  • Deltek Time and Expense Preprocessors must be obtained from Deltek in order to send data from Unanet back to Deltek GCS.  If the client has not already purchased these from Deltek, they must purchase and install prior to beginning the GCSConnect implementation.


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