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This document covers the steps to complete a Cost Pool calculation in Unanet.

Quick Steps

  1. Choose the appropriate LEGAL ENTITY, filter the COST POOL GROUP if desired, select the appropriate CALCULATION OPTIONS, and select the FISCAL PERIOD to be calculated.
    1. Cost Pool Calculations can be run on GL Budgets if GL Budgets have been configured and entered into Unanet (please see this page - General Ledger Guide: Creating Budgets - for more information).

      Navigate to Financials > General Ledger > Cost Pool Calculation > Search tab.

  2. Select the List tab. Cost pool groups meeting the selection criteria are displayed (Actual and Forecasted). The display also shows whether they have been Calculated and/or Posted. Only cost pool groups calculations which have not been previously posted and for which the posting has not been voided for the period will be available for (re)calculation. To calculate a cost pool, select the check box(es) for the appropriate cost pool group(s) and select Calculate.

  3. Once you have completed a calculation, the results will be available for viewing by selecting List.

  4. You can also navigate to Financials > General Ledger > Cost Pool Calculation List to view calculated cost pool listings. Use the Search tab to filter for the Cost Pool Calculation(s) that you would like to view. Select the List tab.

  5. The list will show you the status of the calculated cost pool groups. From the List tab you may use the icons next to each item to view the calculation in detail, delete the calculation, or view the Statement of Indirect Rates. Additionally, you may Post the calculation(s). The results of the calculation for each cost pool can be viewed by clicking the magnifying glass icon for each cost pool.

  6. In addition to the List view of the Cost Pool Calculation items, you can run the Statement of Indirect Rates report. The report provides a tabular view of all expense accounts and shows where they have been used in the calculations.  It also highlights any that have not been used in the Cost Pool Group Calculation. To run the report, navigate to Reports > Dashboard > General Ledger > Statement of Indirect Rates.

  7. If you choose to Post the calculation.
    1. Actual Rates for the fiscal year associated with the fiscal period of the calculation will be updated in all Cost Structures associated with the Cost Pool Group for all Cost Elements contained in pools where the Post Rate to Cost Structures check box is selected. 
    2. General ledger transactions will be generated for the fiscal period of the calculation for all cost pools where the Post to GL checkbox is checked. 
    3. Reversing general ledger transactions will be generated into the following fiscal period for any cost pools with a calculation period of "YTD." This will not be done in the calculation period in the last period of the fiscal year.
  8. Posted Cost Pool Calculations must be voided if you need to rerun the calculations for the fiscal period for some reason. 
    1. Voiding a previously posted cost pool calculation will reverse both the initial entries and reversing general ledger entries made in the initial post. 
    2. It will not modify the Actual rates.

Additional Information

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