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This document covers the steps to create General Ledger budgets.

Quick Steps

Budget Name Setup

  • Navigate to Admin > Setup > Accounting > Budget Names and click the +Budget Name link above the grid.
  • Enter a BUDGET NAME  and DESCRIPTION. Click Save, or, Add/Next if other budgets are to be created.

  • Example budget names might be Optimistic, Conservative, or Corporate - anything that is meaningful to the user.

Budget Profile Setup 

  • In Admin > Setup > Budget Profiles, classify your budget with a Budget Profile by entering the appropriate LEGAL ENTITY, FISCAL YEAR, and BUDGET TYPE (select the financial statement type of Income Statement or Balance Sheet from the dropdown menu).

  • Note:  You can create multiple profiles for each Budget Name. 

    • Click the +Budget Profile link and fill in the fields as desired.  Click Save.

Budget Entry

  • Navigate to the Financials > General Ledger > Budgets dashboard.
  • Select the appropriate criteria from the BUDGET NAME, FISCAL YEAR, and BUDGET TYPE boxes and select List. You can select all the entries to see a full list of budgets, or narrow the criteria selections to display specific entries.

  • Click the edit pencil icon next to the Budget you would like to edit.  Click the edit pencil icon again to view/edit the row entry details for that budget.
  • Click Save when finished.

    Budgets can be created for any financial organization in the Legal entity.
    Budgets can be exported and imported for ease of adding many detail line items.

Run your Income Statement or Balance Sheet reports

  • Report Criteria page:

  • Sample Report Output:


  • Setting up Budgets in Admin > Setup is available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile: GL Admin.
  • Creating Budgets is available to users with the following Financials roles: GL Budget Manager.

Additional Information

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