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Fiscal Period Close

Fiscal Year Close

  • To close a Fiscal Year, all Posting Features for all of the individual periods in the year must have been previously closed. At that point the close year selection box on the main Fiscal Period Close dashboard will be available for selection.

  • Click Close Year to close the year.


  • This functionality is available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile: GLAdmin.
  • This screen will return an error if fiscal years have not yet been defined in the system.
  • Once a Fiscal Year is closed it cannot be reopened.
  • Fiscal Periods for a closed Fiscal Year cannot be reopened.
  • Only the Admin can post into a closed Fiscal Year. If entries made to a closed fiscal year affect Revenue or Expense account balances for the closed fiscal year, the appropriate year-end closing entry will be made for the document as part of the posting process for that document.

Additional Information

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