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This document covers the process of entering Unbilled receivables and deferred revenue balances for both existing Unanet Billing Customers and New customers.

Quick Steps

Current Unanet Billing Customers

1.  Project unbilled balance in Unanet should reconcile to the legacy accounting system's Balance Sheet.

     Note: This should be done PRIOR to recording any Customer Payments in Unanet. Once Customer Payments are applied, invoices cannot be uncompleted.



 2.  If a variance exists, a lump sum Journal Entry can be entered through the Create Journal Entry screen.  Alternatively, the variance can be investigated and corrected through the billing module.      

New Unanet Billing Customers

1.  Legitimate unbilled items will be entered at the transaction level (labor, expenses) to be made available on future Unanet invoices.

2.  Unreconciled balances can be entered through a lump sum Journal Entry and reconciled later, at which time they will either be written-off or billed on a future Unanet invoice.

3. For Deferred Revenue entries, see the Unbilled Receivables, above.  The offset to Unbilled Receivables is Deferred Revenue.

Additional Information

For information regarding Unanet's Billing module, please refer to the Billing Instructional Guide.

For information regarding entering Historic Labor and Expense transactions, please refer to the Historical Transactions: Labor and Expense documentation.

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