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Unanet controls what a user can see and do through a combination of role and access settings. Organization Access is one type of this Access (Project Administrator access is another).

Organization Access allows you to open permissions for a user in a certain role to specific or All Organizations.

Unanet opens up access to what a user can do and see at two levels, finite and broad. At the finite level a user can be given access to specific projects as a project viewer, while at the broad level, a user can be given access to all projects under a specific customer.

For this example, the finite level access is set on the individual Project profile by configuring a user role for the project, such as Project Viewer. Broad access, on the other hand, would be set under a Person's profile through their Organization Access settings. Using Person profile Organization Access, a person can be given access to all projects for specified customers or owning organizations under the roles that have been applied to the user. For example, if five projects exist for one of your customers (ACME Corporation), a person can be given access to view reports for each of those projects by setting them as a Project Viewer for each of the five projects (finite level). They can also be given access as the Project Viewer for all projects under the customer ACME under their profile settings for organization access.

Unanet created finite and broad access to make it easy to configure the various types of employees in a typical organization. A Vice President of Professional Services can be given access to projects at the broad level while individual Project Managers' access can be configured at the finite level.

Navigate to People > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Roles tab.

Navigate to People > List > List tab> Edit Pencil Icon > Organization Access.

Identify for each role what level of access is required. Next to the role, choose the edit pencil icon. There are three access types, identified below:

  • None. The user will only have access to the data that they are specifically assigned to.
  • All. The user will have access to all data for all Orgs for that role (unless blocked by Project Access)
  • Selected. The user will have access to the data specified in the Orgs you select.

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