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In Unanet, Pay Codes
 refer to your classification of pay types, such as regular pay, overtime, vacation, and sick leave, associated with the hours reported on a timesheet.


Pay Codes are earnings and leave categories used to track and classify reported hours. Pay Codes are used to classify labor hours and leave for the purposes of reporting and integration with downstream payroll and/or financial systems, as well as for calculation of pay code factors such as time and a half or double time. Set up your Pay Codes via Admin > Setup > Time > Pay Codes. You can set a system wide default here, as well project defaults. These should align with information required in downstream systems, as needed.

Best Practices: 
Define posting accounts by Pay Codes if the customer wants to post labor cost to different GL accounts based on the pay code (e.g. differentiate between regular and overtime pay).
You can specify accounts based on pay codes for cross-charged labor cost and offset when labor is charged in the GL to the project's Owning Organization instead of a user's Person Organization.
Restrict Pay Codes to the appropriate groups of Employees via Admin > Setup > People > Employee Types.

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