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Payment Methods are used to mirror how you are paying your vendors and how you are receiving payments from your customers.

Payment Methods may be configured to characterize payments made and received in Unanet. You must specify whether a Payment Method should be available for use in expense reports (employee Payment Methods), Accounts Payable (vendor Payment Method), and Accounts Receivable (customer Payment Method). 

The Payment Method type controls application behavior as follows:

  • Expense Report Reimbursable Flag
    If checked, the employee expense report item is treated as reimbursable to the employee. 
    If not checked, the expense report item is treated as non-reimbursable.
    This Payment Method can be linked to the Expense Report Offset - Non-Reimbursable account category in the default Posting Group.
  • Vendor (AP) Payment Type Options
    System Check: The vendor payment should be run through the system check printing process.
    Manual Check: A unique check number must be assigned to the vendor payment.
    Other: No system behavior.
  • Customer (AR) Payment Type
    Check: A unique check number must be assigned to the customer payment.
    Other: No system behavior.

Navigate to
 Admin > Setup > Accounting > Payment Methods.


Best Practices:

  • The general ledger bookings for the ADVANCE Expense Type must be associated with a Payment Method of reimbursable. We recommend setting up a separate ADVANCE Payment Method which is reimbursable. This Payment Method must be used in every case that ADVANCE is used on an expense report. 
    This page also outlines in full how to set up and use Cash Advances: Quick Topic - Steps to Complete and post a Cash Advance with Unanet Financials

  • Multiple company-paid Payment Methods can be created, each pointing to a separate liability account. This enables balances to be differentiated on the financial statements and facilitates account reconciliation. For example, if a company has an AMEX and VISA credit card program, each credit card may be created as a separate Payment Method and directed to separate liability accounts on the General Ledger (AMEX Payable and VISA Payable). Individual company-paid liability accounts can be designated as "Other" in the bank reconciliation module, enabling these non-cash accounts to be reconciled to the external statements.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Payment Methods

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