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The Project Access tab is closely tied to the Person profile Organization Access as well as User Access.


  • ORGANIZATIONAL ADMINISTRATORS ACCESS: We recommend leaving all of these boxes checked. Doing so means that when you grant permissions in the People profile > Organization Access area, that those permissions will apply to this project. In other words, by selecting boxes on the Project Access tab, you are allowing users with related Organizational Access to access this project as long as they have access to the Project Organization to which this project belongs. You may elect to uncheck a box on this tab if you have top secret or clearance projects for which you would like to tightly control access. When unchecked, People profile > Organization Access will not grant permission to this project, and the only way to access this project will be by being designated as a Project Administrator in the project left menu.
  • USER ACCESS: You may elect to allow users to plan themselves or assign themselves from plans, but the key setting for most users is "Self Assign." We recommend leaving "Self Assign" unchecked so that you can control who can charge to the project via People Assignments (left menu).  

Navigate to Project > List > +Project > Access.

Best Practices:

Leave all Project Administrator Access boxes checked in the project, and set the Organization Access in the person profile screen.

Additional Information

KC - Organization Access

KC - People Assignments

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