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Project Alerts allow the Project Manager to set alert thresholds for values on the Budget tab in order to notify the specified project administrators. Project Alerts can be configured at either the project or task level.

Project Alerts may be configured in three places.

  1. In the Project > Alerts submenu.
    1. This submenu is only visible to users with the Project Manager role (even if the user is an Administrator).
    2. These are system-wide Alerts settings for the user who is logged in. Any project set up with this user as Project Manager will use these default settings (note that this would not apply if the user is an Alternate Project Manager).
    3. If a specific project is set to "USE DEFAULT PREFERENCES" on the Project Alerts tab, then these settings will be used.

  2. In the Project > List > Edit Pencil Icon > Alerts tab.
    1. If the project is set to USE DEFAULT PREFERENCES, then the Project dashboard settings will be used (above).
    2. If the project is set to CUSTOM", then the settings on this tab may be populated specific to just this project.

  3. In the Project > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Tasks > List > Edit Pencil Icon.
    1. The setting will apply the project level alert thresholds to the task level budgets.

Best Practices:

Alerts are disabled by default in Admin > Schedule. An Admin user must enable Alerts and identify when and at what frequency they will be updated.

Navigate to Admin > Schedule > Edit Pencil Icon > Schedule tab.

Additional Information

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