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Introduction: The Admin or Project Manager has the ability to limit which Expense Types will be available for charging on a project-by-project basis. Additionally, project-specific Expense Type markups can be created and maintained at the Project level.

Description: All enabled expense types will appear in Available Expense Types. After you select the ones that will be used on the project, only these expense types will be available to charge on an expense report. If you do not associate any expense types with the project, by default ALL enabled expense types in the system will be available to charge in the expense report drop down. 

Navigate: Project > List > List > Edit Pencil Icon > Expense Types > +Expense Type. 

On the Expense Types tab, you also have the opportunity to set a project level expense markup %. The master markup % can be set via the Admin > Setup > Expense Type tab.  The Project markup may be different from the master markup.

Navigate: Admin > Setup > Expense Types > +Expense Types. 

Additional Information:

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