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Please refer to the Introduction provided with the Organization Setup for more information on this topic. 

Each Unanet project must belong to a Project Organization.

For billable or direct projects, the Project Organization represents the organization paying for the work. Typically, this is your customer. In the billing setup for billable project, the Project Organization is designated in the Bill To field. Note that this is different from a Project Owning Organization, which represents the internal grouping or ownership versus the external customer entity.

For internal or indirect projects, the Project Organization is typically the legal entity or department within the legal entity responsible for the project.

Navigate to 
Project > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Profile tab.

If the GENERATE UNANET INVOICE box is checked AND the system wide property Use Financial Organizations is enabled, the Project Organization profile must contain a Customer Profile under the Legal Entity to which the Project Owning Organization belongs. If you are not generating a Unanet Invoice, no rules are applied.

Navigate to Organizations > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Customer Profiles > +Customer Profile.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Project Organization

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