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Scenario A: Subcontractors will enter their timesheet in Unanet


  • Lower G&A costs for the Prime as the Sub is entering the time and the Unanet software automatically creates the VI, instead of the Prime’s accounting team manually keying in the VI.
  • Faster reconciliation of subcontractor Vendor Invoice, since you have both the Vendor Invoice and the subcontractor timesheet in Unanet. Otherwise, you are trying to reconcile the Vendor Invoice with an Excel spreadsheet, which is more difficult.
  • Subs potentially receive payment earlier, since reconciliation is faster.
  • Planning specific subs: since Subs use a license, you can plan their labor and report on it into the future.
  • Real-time reporting on Sub costs and activities, versus never knowing clearly where you stand since you do not have their time or expense in Unanet.
  • Documented approvals on Sub timesheets (can mitigate invoice disputes).


  • You will let your subcontractors enter Timesheets and Expense Reports in Unanet.
  • You are planning to have a 3-way matched Vendor Invoice where the subcontractor time and expenses will automatically be matched to the Vendor Invoice.
  • you are planning to add items (i.e., material that requires a quantity, rate, and unit of measure) on the Vendor Invoice.


  • PURCHASER creates Purchase Order.
  • PURCHASING MANAGER approves Purchase Order.
    • When PO is approved, Commitment will display on the Commitments Reports.
  • PO ASSIGNER creates PO Assignments, assigning person to the PO number.
  • RESOURCE ASSIGNER Creates Project Assignment.
  • SUB TIMESHEET USER: When the subcontractors enters their timesheet in Unanet, the system will automatically stamp the PO number to each timesheet cell.
  • SUB EXPENSE USER: When the subcontractors enter their expense report in Unanet, the system will automatically stamp the PO number to each expense report line.
  • MANAGERS approve the time and expense.
  • AP USER/POSTER creates the Vendor Invoice with the PO number, and the matched labor and the matched expenses will automatically be pulled into the vendor invoice under the section "Matched Labor" and "Matched Expenses."
  • AP MANAGER Approves Vendor Invoice.
    • Your Subcontractor’s time and Expense will automatically be included on your customer invoice in your next billing cycle.
    • The Items you inserted on the Vendor Invoice marked as “billable” will automatically be included on your customer invoice in your next billing cycle.

Initial Setup

Step 1: Complete the Basic Purchasing setup

This is outlined in this section of the KC:

Step 2: People Setup - Assignments

Project Assignments

Project Assignments function the same as always. Please refer to the following KC page for more information: KC - People Assignments.

PO Assignments

PO Assignments are performed by a user with the Purchase Order Assigner role. Purchase Order Assignments are the link between a timesheet and a PO.

For ongoing usage of PO assignments, please use this link.  

The setting to require a PO Assignment for a Non-Employee (PO) person is found on each project on the Time tab. 

Important Considerations

  • Project Assigners will need to coordinate with the team creating PO assignments to ensure that project assignments map to a PO assignment. If PO Assignments are required on a project, and the Project Assignment does not sufficiently overlap with a PO assignment, the user will not be able to report time without receiving an error on their timesheet.
  • If PO assignments are not used, but a PO was created for the work, then the commitment (shown on JSR) will not reduce unless you re-add the time on the Vendor Invoice. This extra manual effort largely negates the time saving benefit of using time and expense for subs within Unanet in the first place. 

Step 3: People Setup - Assignments

Subcontractor Setup

Set up your subcontractor(s) as People.

  • Set the Classification to "Non-Employee PO." Dilution will not apply. You can require that Projects require a PO number if the Person Classification is "Non-Employee PO."

  • Set the Vendor Org on both the Time and Expense tabs. Give the Timesheet User and Expense User roles.


Project Assigner

A user with the Project Assigner role will make assignments for your subs on the project level.

Purchase Order Assigner

A user with the Purchase Order Assigner role will make assignments for your subs on the POs.


A user with the Manager role will be the approver for your subs' timesheets and expense reports. 

Ongoing Usage

Step 1: Create the PO

Purchasing - Create a Purchase Order without a Purchase Requisition
  1. Navigate to Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Order. In the top right corner above the grid, click the +Purchase Order link to create a new Purchase Order.

  2. Enter the required Summary information on the Profile tab and click Save:
    1. LEGAL ENTITY - The legal entity to which this request will belong.
    2. Owning Organization - This is the organization on behalf of which the Purchaser is creating the PO.
    3. Purchase Amount - This can be positive or zero.
    4. Description - This can be used to describe the purpose of the PO.
    5. Document Date - This is pre-populated with the current date.
    6. Commitment Date - This is pre-populated with the current date.
    7. Fiscal Period - This is pre-populated with the current fiscal period.
    8. Vendor - This will specify your vendor.
    9. Purchaser - This will default to the Purchaser entering the PO.
    10. Receiver/Approver - Not a required field. This is the person who will approve the Vendor Invoice for this PO. The person who will approve the PO is the Purchasing Manager.

  3. On the Form tab and click Save:
    1. Select the check box for GENERATE PO FORM.
    2. Choose the PO Format Name.
    3. Check which Detail Level you want.
    4. Fill in any other fields as necessary.

  4. In the left menu of the PO, enter your detailed information. Note that the sum of these details must match the Purchase Amount on the Summary tab.
    1. Enter Labor details.
    2. Enter Expense details.
    3. Enter Items details.

  5. Click Submit.

Step 2: Add Vendor Invoice 

Purchasing - Add PO Subcontractor Time Onto Vendor Invoice *With* Subcontractor’s Unanet Timesheet
When creating a Vendor Invoice, in order for a timesheet to appear as Matched Labor on a Vendor Invoice:
  1. You must have created a PO Assignment for the subs for whom you want the timesheet to be matched (prior to the timesheet reaching the COMPLETED status).
    1. Note: When creating a PO Assignment, if you don't see your transactions, expand the Transaction Through Date (otherwise it defaults to Document Date).
  2. The Vendor and Purchase Order # need to be populated on the Vendor Invoice.

Matched labor on the vendor invoice only pertains to three-way matched labor.

Step 3: Submit and Post

When ready, submit and post your Vendor Invoice. 

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