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This presumes Scenario A, where time is recorded outside of Unanet (in Excel, for example), and then keyed into a Vendor Invoice. For the full workflow, please use this link: Scenario A.

For the portion pertaining to entering sub time into a Vendor Invoice, follow these steps:

  • AP USER/POSTER: When the next vendor invoice is received (with the PO number on it), the AP User/Poster creates the Vendor invoice Summary, entering the required details:

  • Then adds the appropriate labor. 
    • *NOTE: the "Approved PO Labor Lines" section is by default collapsed. Expand that section to see any approved PO Labor Lines.


  • The AP User/Poster then Posts the Vendor Invoice. Commitments will automatically be reduced after posting the vendor invoice. When the Vendor Invoice is posted, the Time will appear in the Unanet Reports (for example, the Time Details report).

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