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This entry covers how to create a Purchase Requisition.


Navigate to Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Requisition. In the top right corner of the Search tab, select +Purchase Requisition.

The following fields are mandatory:

  • LEGAL ENTITY - The legal entity to which this request will belong.
  • Requestor - This is the person making the request. The user must have the Purchase Requestor role in order to be chosen.
  • Owning OrganizationThis is the organization on behalf of which the Requestor is creating the PR.
  • Document Date - This is pre-populated with the current date.
  • Request Amount - This is the maximum amount that will be allowed to be charged against on the resulting PO. 
  • Description - This field can be used to describe the purpose of the PR.

No Detail Lines

Purchase Requisitions may be submitted without any Detail lines. An example of where this may occur is if you need to have a flat amount approved.   

Additional Information

Help Docs - Purchase Requisitions

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