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This page addresses how to manage an already existing PO.

Editing an OPEN Purchase Order

Certain fields are available to be edited after the Purchase Order has been approved and is in the OPEN status:

  • PO Owner
  • Purchaser
  • Receiver/Approver (only on the Original PO and not on the Mod documents)
  • PO Form selections (only on the Original PO and not on the Mod documents)
  • User-Defined Fields (UDFs)

If you choose to change the value of one of these fields, the result of changing the value on the document does not affect any other document of the PO family. For example, if I change the PO Owner on Mod 3 of the Purchase Order family, the change will not affect any of the other documents of the PO family.


PO Mods

To create a PO Mod, first find the PO via Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Order. Enter your Search Criteria and select the List tab. Select the "+" icon to the left of the DOCUMENT# for the PO you would like to modify.

Fill out the required information when prompted and click Save.

In the screenshot below, the original PO amount was $5,000 and a Mod is being added for -$4,500. This will leave a balance of $500 to be allocated.

This Mod is changing labor allocation, so the detailed information will be under Details > Labor in the left menu.

Select "Approved PO Labor Lines" and bring down the line that you are modifying. The screenshot below shows an adjustment of (-) 18 hours and (-) $4.500. This will leave two hours on the PO Labor Line.

Closing a PO Line

You can choose to close individual line items on a PO rather than having to close the entire PO itself.


  1. From the Purchase Order list, find the PO that you want to close lines on and click the “lock” icon next to it. The available lines will show in a box.
  2. Choose the line item(s) to be closed.
  3. Enter the date on which to close the line item.
  4. If you select all line items, then all will close.
  5. Click Save.


  • You will not be allowed to close the line item if there are transactions/documents outstanding against the line item chosen.
  • The PO itself will stay open as long as there are open line items.
  • You can re-open a closed line item; the closed items will appear below the open items and you just select which item to re-open.
  • When a PO line item is closed, you cannot enter a Mod or a Vendor Invoice against it.
  • Every time the PO status is changed from OPEN to CLOSED or CLOSED to OPEN, a record is inserted in the Approval History for audit trail. Closing a single PO Line does not insert a record on the Approval History. The status of the document needs to change in order to trigger a record in the Approval History.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Purchase Orders

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