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This page addresses how to manage an already existing PR.

PR Mods

To create a PR Mod, first find the PR via Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Requisition. Enter your Search Criteria and select the List tab. Select the "+" icon to the left of the DOCUMENT# for the PR you would like to modify.

Fill out the required information when prompted and click Save.

In the screenshot below, the PR balance was $34,000 and a Mod is being added for $6,000. This will bring the balance to $40,000.

This Mod is changing labor allocation, so the detailed information will be under Details > Labor in the left menu.

Select "Approved PR Labor Lines" and bring down the line that you are modifying. The screenshot below shows an adjustment of (+) 60 hours and (+) $6,000.00.

Closing a PR

You must have the Administrator or Purchase Requestor role to close a PR. The Purchase Requisition Viewer role will not have that ability.


To close a PR, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Requisitions. Ensure the "Open" box is checked under PURCHASE REQUISITION STATUS and select the List tab. Note that only PRs that with an Open status can be closed.

  2. Click the closed lock icon next to the PR you would like to close.

  3. A popup dialog is displayed asking if you are sure you want to close this PR. Click OK.


When the PR is closed, there will be no option to add any modifications. Instead of a closed lock icon, there will be an open lock icon to reopen the PR if necessary.

Every time the PR is closed and re-opened, a record is inserted in the Approval History for audit trail.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Purchase Requisitions

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