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This page assists you in defining your purchase order formats in order to specify what views will be printed or emailed.

Format Setup

Purchase Order Formats are set up under Admin > Setup > Accounting > Purchase Order Format.

Note: a preview button (as on the customer invoice) is yet to be available.

Applying Formats

Purchase Order Formats are selected on the PO Level under the Summary > Form tab. If you select the "Generate PO Form" checkbox, you will be able to Print / Email the PO. Be sure to have a Bill to Address configured on the PO Owning Org, and a Remit To Address on the Vendor Org.


If you want a signature to be displayed on the PO Form, upload a signature to the Person Profile > Signature section (left menu) for the user you select as the signer (note: the signer can be any active user, not necessarily the approver).

If you want the person's title to appear on the PO Form, populate the Title field at the bottom of the Person Profile > Purchasing tab.

Below is a sample output for those fields:


Having the "Generate PO Form" checked will allow you to select the PO when Printing / Emailing.


An example of the PO Format is attached as a PDF below.


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