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This page addresses how you can report on your commitments. 

Commitment Reports

Commitments can be viewed using the Project Commitments Details report or the Project Cost Summary report, both found in the Project Accounting section on the Reports dashboard.

Project Commitments Details

Once a Purchase Order has been approved, you will see it on the Commitment Details Report:

As timesheets or Vendor Invoices are entered and applied to the Purchase Order, you will see these amounts in the Applied QTY and Applied Cost columns. Your Committed Cost will be reduced accordingly.

Project Cost Summary

In the search criteria of the Project Cost Summary report, select "Include Commitments" to see this information in the output.

A summary of your commitments will appear on the far right of the report.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Project Commitment Details Report

Help Docs - Project Cost Summary (JSR) Report

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