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Subcontractor Setup

Set up your subcontractor(s) as People.

  • Set the Classification to "Non-Employee PO." Dilution will not apply. You can require that Projects require PO number if Classification is "Non-Employee PO." Note that how the bill rate is applied depends on the project Time tab "Bill Rate Source" setting, which may or may not pull from the Person Rates tab bill rate.

  • Give the sub the role of Vendor Invoice Person. This option will only appear if your system is running with the Project Financials family of Unanet licenses. This check box indicates that a user, typically a subcontractor user, will be used in the Labor or Expense Detail sections of the Vendor Invoice and the user will not enter timesheets or expense reports in Unanet.

    If the user only has this role, that user does not use a license and cannot log in to Unanet. Unlike the licensed users, reporting of hours and expenses for a VI Person user are not real-time entries and will only appear as costs to the project when the vendor invoice is posted. Subcontractors do not need to be in an approval group, since they are not entering a timesheet. 

Additional Information

KC - FAQ - What are the differences between the Person Classification options?

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