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Project Assignments

Project Assignments function the same as always. Please refer to the following KC page for more information: KC - People Assignments.

PO Assignments

PO Assignments are performed by a user with the Purchase Order Assigner role. Purchase Order Assignments are the link between a timesheet and a PO.

For ongoing usage of PO assignments, please use this link.  

The setting to require a PO Assignment for a Non-Employee (PO) person is found on each project on the Time tab. 

Important Considerations

  • Project Assigners will need to coordinate with the team creating PO assignments to ensure that project assignments map to a PO assignment. If PO Assignments are required on a project, and the Project Assignment does not sufficiently overlap with a PO assignment, the user will not be able to report time without receiving an error on their timesheet.
  • If PO assignments are not used, but a PO was created for the work, then the commitment (shown on JSR) will not reduce unless you re-add the time on the Vendor Invoice. This extra manual effort largely negates the time saving benefit of using time and expense for subs within Unanet in the first place. 

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