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This document reviews the steps required to utilize Purchasing, assuming that Subcontractors will not enter Unanet timesheets.

For an overview of all scenario assumptions, visit this page: 

Purchasing - Initial Considerations

Scenario B: Subcontractor’s time will be entered via the vendor invoice


  • You are using Unanet Financials.

  • You will not have your subcontractors enter Timesheets and Expense Reports in Unanet (they do not take up a license), but need to capture hours and expense items on the Customer Invoice.

  • Vendor Invoice Persons are not included in planning/forecasting.

  • You are planning to enter subcontractor time and expenses in the Vendor Invoice.

  • You are planning to add Items (i.e., material that requires a quantity, rate, and unit of measure) on the Vendor Invoice.

  • There is no real-time reporting available for these users since the time/expense is entered after the invoice is received.

  • There is no opportunity for utilizing three-way matching.

  • Much of this effort is performed by internal company resources (not your subs) and requires some other method of tracking hours and expense for the subcontractors in order to include them on the vendor invoice. This can potentially increase administrative costs if the time required to complete this process increases.


  • PURCHASER creates Purchase Order.

  • PURCHASING MANAGER approves Purchase Order.

    • When the PO is approved, the Commitment will display on the Project Commitments Details report.

  • AP USER/POSTER: When the next vendor invoice is received (with the PO number on it), the AP User/Poster creates the Vendor invoice in Unanet and adds the appropriate Labor, Expenses or Items. The Vendor Invoice is Posted. Commitments will automatically be reduced after posting the vendor invoice.

  • AP MANAGER approves Vendor Invoice.


    • The subcontractor’s billable Time and Expense from the posted and approved Vendor Invoice will automatically be included on your customer invoice in your next billing cycle.

    • The Items you inserted on the Vendor Invoice marked as “billable” will automatically be included on your customer invoice in your next billing cycle.

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